Distance Selling Contract

1 - Sides

Sales person

Vendor Name/Title:FSM Form, Health and Medical Products Ltd.Şti. -
Seller's Full Address:
FSM Form Health and Medical Products Ltd. Sti. Karliktepe Mah. Cesme Cad. No:10/2 Kartal Istanbul 34870
Seller's Phone: 216 488 44 04
Seller Mersis No:
Seller E-Mail Address: info@maderurunleri.com.tr
FSM LTD.com Call Center: 216 488 44 04


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2 - Subject and Scope of the Agreement

This Distance Sales Contract (“Contract”) has been drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 (“Law”) and the Regulation on Distance Contracts. The parties to this Agreement accept and declare that they know and understand their obligations and responsibilities arising from the Law and the Regulation on Distance Contracts under this Agreement.
The subject of this Agreement; The Buyer's website, www.maderurunleri.com.tr, owned by FSM Form, Sağlık ve Medikal Ürünleri Limited Şirketi (FSM Ltd.), can be sent electronically for the purchase of the Seller's goods or services. It constitutes the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law and the Regulation on Distance Contracts, regarding the sale and delivery of the goods or services that are ordered and that have the qualifications specified in the Contract.
No shipping abroad.

Basic Characteristics and price of the products (VAT Included)


3 - Delivery of Goods

The contract enters into force with the approval of the Buyer in electronic environment and is executed when the goods or services purchased by the Buyer from the Seller are delivered to the Buyer. The goods will be delivered to the address specified by the Buyer in the order form and in this Agreement and to the authorized person(s). The delivery costs of the goods belong to the Buyer unless there is a contrary provision. If the Seller has declared on the Website that the delivery fee will be covered by him, the delivery costs will be borne by the Seller. made in the promised time after the payment is made. The Seller delivers the goods or services within 30 (thirty) days from the order of the goods or services by the Buyer, without prejudice to the circumstances in which the performance of the goods or services subject to the order becomes impossible. If it is canceled in the bank records, the Seller shall be deemed to be relieved of its obligation to deliver the goods or services. In cases where the performance of the goods or services subject to the order becomes impossible, the Seller shall inform the Buyer within 3 (three) days from the date of learning of this situation, including the delivery costs, if any. will refund all payments collected within 14 (fourteen) days at the latest from the date of notification.

4 - Buyer's Declarations and Obligations

The Buyer declares that he has read the preliminary information uploaded by the Seller regarding the basic characteristics, sales price and payment method, as well as the delivery and cargo cost of the goods or services that are the subject of the Contract on the Website and that he has given the necessary confirmation in the electronic environment. and complaints by using the Seller's contact information above and/or via the communication link on the Website. The Buyer shall confirm this Agreement electronically, by confirming the address to be given to the Buyer by the Seller before the conclusion of the distance contracts, the ordered goods or It confirms that it has obtained the basic features of the service, the price of the goods or services including taxes, payment and delivery and delivery price information accurately and completely. Buyer's damaged, broken, torn packaging etc. at the time of delivery. In the event that he receives the goods or services that are clearly damaged and defective from the cargo company, the responsibility rests entirely with him. In the event that the relevant bank or financial institution does not pay the price of the goods or services to the Seller, the Buyer is obliged to return the goods or services to the Seller within 3 (three) days, provided that they have been delivered to him. In this case, the delivery costs belong to the Buyer.

5 - Declarations and Obligations of the Seller

The Seller is responsible for the delivery of the contracted goods or services to the Buyer in accordance with the consumer legislation, intact, complete and in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order. He is obliged to notify the Buyer within 3 (three) days from the date of learning about the situation. If the contracted goods or services are to be delivered to another person from the Buyer, the Seller cannot be held responsible for the person to be delivered not accepting the delivery.

6 - Right of Withdrawal

Buyers are subject to the provisions of the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of the Consumer and the Regulation on Distance Contracts (RG: 27.11.2014/29188) regarding the sale and delivery of the product they purchased. They can return the products by filling in the form on the website of FSM Ltd. https://www.maderurunleri.com.tr/iade within 5 days at the latest from the order date and sending the products back together with the back invoice. All payments made by the Buyer to the Seller or Intermediary Service Provider regarding the relevant goods or services within 14 (fourteen) days, according to the customer's preference, by making the necessary examinations, are made to the Buyer in accordance with the payment instrument used while purchasing and without any expense or liability to the consumer. It can be returned at once without bringing it in, the product can be replaced with a new one, or a gift voucher can be sent in the same amount that can be used for shopping from the virtual store.

7 - Circumstances in which the Right of Withdrawal cannot be exercised

Pursuant to the legislation, the Buyer cannot exercise its right of withdrawal in the following cases:
In contracts regarding goods or services whose prices change depending on the fluctuations in the financial markets and which are not under the control of the Seller; In contracts for the delivery of goods, which are prepared according to the wishes of the Buyer or clearly in line with his personal needs, which are not suitable for return, which are in danger of spoiling quickly or whose expiration date is likely to pass; From the goods whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after delivery; in contracts for the delivery of those whose return is not suitable in terms of health and hygiene; In contracts for goods that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated due to their nature, and for services performed instantly in the electronic environment and contracts for intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer (gift card, gift certificate, coupons that replace money, and similar). The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in terms of goods or services (such as food, beverages or other daily consumption items delivered to the residence of the Buyer with the regular deliveries of the Seller and services in areas such as travel, accommodation, restaurant, entertainment sector) that are excluded from the scope of the Company.

8 - Dispute Resolution

Responsibility for the goods or services sold within the scope of the Law and the Regulation on Distance Contracts belongs to the Seller. However, the Buyers may not submit their complaints regarding the goods and services they purchased directly to the Sellers or FSM Ltd. will be transmitted over If the complaint is forwarded to FSM Ltd., FSM Ltd. will provide all possible support to solve the problem. In case of disputes related to this Distance Sales Contract; Provincial or District Arbitration Committees for Consumer Problems in the place where the Buyer purchases the product in the place of residence or where the domicile is located, up to the value declared by the Ministry of Customs and Trade every year, and the Consumer Courts are authorized in disputes above the said value.

9 - Price of Goods and Services

The cash or deferred sales price of the goods is included in the order form, but is the price included in the invoice sent to the customer together with the information e-mail sent at the end of the order and the product. Seller or FSM Ltd. Discounts, coupons, shipping charges and other applications made by us are reflected in the sales price.

10 - Default Cases and Legal Consequences

In the event that the Buyer defaults on his credit card transactions, the cardholder will pay interest within the framework of the credit card contract signed by the bank with him and will be liable to the bank. In this case, the relevant bank may take legal action; may claim the costs and attorney's fees to arise from the Buyer, and in any case, if the Buyer defaults due to its debt, the Buyer shall be responsible for the loss and damage suffered by the Seller due to the Buyer's delayed performance of the debt.

11 - Notices and Evidence Agreement

Any correspondence to be made between the parties under this Agreement will be made via the communication link on the Website or e-mail, except for the obligatory cases listed in the legislation. The Buyer agrees that in disputes that may arise from this Agreement, the official books and commercial records of FSM Ltd., the electronic information and computer records kept in its database and servers will constitute binding, definitive and exclusive evidence, within the meaning of Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure. accepts, declares and undertakes that it is in the nature of a contract of evidence.

12 - FORCE

This Agreement, which consists of 12 (twelve) articles, has been read by the parties and concluded and entered into force by being approved electronically by the Buyer on ............. date.