About Us


FSM Form Healthcare and Medical Products Limited Company is the first and the only Turkish company which is established with the domestic capital and makes production for the needs of the individuals who have to be on a low protein and gluten-free diet.

FSM Limited Company hits the shelves in chain stores under the Mader® Brand with more than 60 kinds of products and competes with imported products. Mader® is the registered trademark of the FSM Limited Company which is the first company that has the food manufacturing license intended for “particular nutritional” .

As well as being a domestic brand, Mader® is differentiated from others also with its wide product variety. Mader® products are currently produced under two main categories: Gluten-Free and Low-Protein.

Products without gluten are presented in purple boxes, while products with low protein are presented in green ones. The products are produced in hygienic conditions in our production facility and without the risk of “cross contamination” due to the fact that there is no production in our facility except productions intented for “particular nutritional” .

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