Credit Card Information Security

There are two types of payment on our site: bank transfer / EFT and credit card payment. You can choose any of them in your shopping. In the credit card payment option, we pay utmost attention to keeping credit card information confidential and securely transmitting it to your bank and completing the transactions.
Confidentiality of credit card information:
Your credit card information is requested at every purchase and is never recorded in our website databases. Information is instantly directed to your bank's systems for provision and collection transactions during the transaction and purchasing transactions are concluded according to the answers.

Your credit card information is transmitted from your computers to our systems, and from our systems to bank systems, encrypted with codes that are impossible to decipher, thanks to internet security technologies called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Therefore, those who obtain this information among the Systems in any way will encounter incomprehensible signs that they will never be able to resolve.

You can examine the valid SSL certificates used on our site by clicking the lock sign on the left side of our site address starting with https in the address bar. Always check that the name of our site is written correctly in the address bar during your shopping (https: // / .......). You MUST do this copy, especially if you come to our site with a link from another source.

In addition to SSL technology, 3D security technology is also used on our site. When you choose this technology, credit card information goes to the bank's 3D security system before the bank systems, and a confirmation sms message is sent to your mobile phone registered in that system. At the same time, the bank's page appears on the screen and you are asked to enter the password in the SMS message sent to your mobile phone. Thus, even if your credit card is in the hands of someone else, it is not possible to make a card transaction as long as you have your phone.

For your security, it is recommended that you disable your main credit card for internet shopping and use a virtual card. With virtual cards, you can make your main card inaccessible from the internet by setting a limit only the amount you will pay, and you will increase your security one more fold.

3D security is optional to ensure that shopping opportunities are not restricted when there is no mobile phone.

Please use our contact page for your questions.