Mader Android App

What is it used for?

When you download our application and install it on your mobile device, you will now be able to access our online store directly by touching the Mader logo on your device.

How to Install?

You can download and install our mobile application by touching the link at the end of this page. For this, you need to access our site from your mobile device.

Important: Since your mobile device will see Mader site as a foreign source, you must allow downloading applications from foreign sources. For this, follow the Settings -> Security tabs as follows and enable the 'Allow Unknown Sources' box.

1                                                           2                                                        3


Note: Do not forget to restore your security settings after the installation process is completed successfully.

After the security settings process, download the application setup file by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.




Your phone will warn you about downloading harmful apps.
Our file is safe, so tap "download anyway" as below.


After the file is downloaded, open it.

This time, your device will ask if you are sure you want to upload this file you downloaded. Select "Install".


The security system on your device will warn you that the application is not recognized by google.
This is because our app is not available in google play store. Here, select "Install anyway".


Mader android application will be installed and mader shortcut will be created. By touching this shortcut, you will reach our virtual store.



Mader Android App link

Now tap the link below to download the mader.apk application.